Our inspiration

Connecting to nature through art, craft, hedgerow medicine, food and fire allows us to journey back to ourselves and into a deeper connection with the world that nurtures us. In this age of fast-paced consumerism with our many technological realities, grounding ourselves in nature, food provenance and holistic healthcare are now more necessary than ever before.

Plants have been nourishing, healing and enchanting us since the beginning. We have lost much ancestral knowledge, forgotten how to work with plants and capitalism has displaced our view that our local ecosystems can provide much of what we need to survive, indeed thrive! Our diets today rely far more on foods that have been shipped from afar and health remedies are sold by major pharmaceutical companies. Not only are many local plants delicious and full of the vitamins and minerals we need, but knowing how to use them can empower us to take responsibility for our own health and vitality.

When we slow down enough to listen, nature has gifts and lessons for us all.
This belief has led our paths through folk herbalism, alternative therapies including art, flower essences and homeopathy, outdoor education, plant spirit medicine, ecology, ecopsychology, plant dying, foraging, wild living, permaculture and organic gardening.
The physical work of growing, harvesting and using plants is just one aspect. There is an important inner journey which is more subtle and less clearly defined but just as profound.

If we see ourselves as detached from nature, we will never care for it sufficiently. This separation allows us to abuse the gifts that our earth provides and can diminish the respect we have for ourselves. If we see ourselves as part of this abundant earth, then we are able to connect to a world which provides for all of the beings that dwell within it.

Join us on the journey!