We are pleased to give you a New year course date for your diaries:

(all courses are held in the Apple Shed at the Colwall Allotments on Old Church Road)

Please do contact us to book.

30th January – Imbolc Plant Stories      

Thursday 30th January 6-8pm.  £12 per person

As the Earth reawakens around the Celtic festival of Imbolc, so our dreams and visions can be turned into reality, much in the same way as seeds which have lain dormant over winter begin to spring into life.Join Pestle and Daughter for a cosy evening tapping into this beautifully creative energy,  making sage smudge sticks, sharing plant stories (or just listening) and learning about our natural allies which can help manifest our dreams. If the weather is clement we can enjoy the fire-pit outside – in case it is too Januaryish, there is a beautiful wood burner indoors.

Warm drinks and sustaining cake provided.


22nd February – Get Muddy…Get Clean (Family Day)


22nd February 10-12.30. £12 per adult and £8 per child.

Come, play and get muddy! Make clay creatures and mud cakes and discover a few plants which are poking their heads above ground at this time of year…..

….Then learn how to use plants and natural ingredients to get clean. Make a sugar scrub and an oaty bath soak and find out about some natural cleansers.

Hot chocolate and a snack provided.


3rd April – Spring Greens Cleanse

 3rd April 5.30-7.30. £12 per person

As Spring is springing into life and everything starts to feel zingy, it is a great time to give our bodies a spring clean. And thankfully nature provides everything we need. Learn how to forage and use a variety of spring greens to give our lymphatic system, kidneys, liver and gut a good detox, ready for a great year. You will go away with a herbal tincture and loads of information on how to use plants to support your body.

Healing tea and healthful cake provided.



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